I’m definitely getting deported for teaching math in English under an E-2 visa (Update)

I’m definitely getting deported for teaching math in English under an E-2 visa (Update)

This is a followup from my post yesterday. 9 other teachers and I went to immigration together. When we got there, they had prepared a packet of questions based on their interviews of teachers from our school from the previous night. The translations were terrible and asked questions like do you know the difference between and E2 and E7, when did you get your visa and under which employer, why did you break the law… and so on. Then, without reading it, they handed us a sheet to sign that said we will willingly leave the country in 30 days. They told us if we did not sign it they would take us to the airport in handcuffs right then. One teacher did start saying she was going to walk out and call their bluff, and they starting filling out an Urgent Detention sheet right there. It didn't seem fake, but I was under a lot of stress. They sentenced all E2 teachers except for our ESL teacher a "departure" notice that bans us for 1 year. I guess departure is less severe than deportation? Also they said we would not receive any stamps of deportation on our passports.

It's totally possible that we could have done things differently, but it's not as easy as typing "dude walk out." It's scary. English help was not provided, but it was the previous night. Our headmaster helped us with translations. Even though the immigration staff were not mean, they didn't really treat us like humans. They even acknowledged that it was our employers fault and they admitted that the visa definition is ambiguous in English. (So everyone who called me out on this yesterday, even immigration agrees.) I honestly don't know how it could have gone differently. It was judge, jury, and executioner. Our school is looking into appeals. They've been very supportive and I'm thankful for the way they've treated us.

The purpose of this post is to update everyone since there were quite a few comments from yesterday's post. I'm not trying to say I did nothing wrong. I'm not looking for advice. I just want people who have E-2s to understand what they mean. I want people to be able to avoid what's happened to me.

Just to say it here clearly, Korean E-2 visas are for conversational-foreign-language instruction. It is not for instruction in a foreign language. That is illegal.

Thanks to this sub for all the advice and concern yesterday. I really appreciated it.


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